Virginia's Premier Driver Improvement Program

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A1 DRIVER in conjunction with its affiliate Driving University, is pleased to offer online - computer based driver improvement courses for eligible participants.
The online driver improvement class meets the Virginia DMV and Court requirements for a Computer Based Driver Improvement Program. Voluntary completion of the eight hour online driver improvement class also qualifies for point reduction, +5 safe driver points, and fleet or senior insurance discounts.

The training schedule is flexible and the online course enables you to undertake the training at your convenience.

To learn more about the Online Driver Improvement Program, click on the Driving University link, where you may  register to begin the online training process.

*Note: Persons under the age of 20 and instructed  by the Court or Virginia DMV
to take a Driver Improvement Program, are not eligible for the online driver improvement class, and must instead attend an instructor led clinic (refer to our class schedule). It is your responsibility to verify your eligibility for the online/computer based program. Eligibility is based upon the  specific instructions outlined in your court order or the written notice you received from the VA DMV.

Online Course Price: $49.95