With the holiday season upon us, and the inevitable bad weather and traffic that seem to coincide with this time of year, it’s important to be prepared when venturing out on the roads.

The biggest risk to you, your friends and loved ones, and those around you, arise from four major driving risks: Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Pressured Driving, and Driving Fatigue.

Major distractions come in the form of mobile phone use for example, and the act of talking or texting while driving. Impairment may occur from alcohol consumed at a holiday gathering; and pressure or fatigue may be felt when driving too long while tired and without a break, in order to make it to an event on time. Perhaps even applying excessive speed in the process.

It only takes a second for accidents and fatalities to happen, and at A1 Driver we make it our mission to keep Virginia’s drivers safe out on the roads. Here’s three safety tips to keep top of mind this holiday season:

1. Slow Down, no schedule is worth you breaking the law for or causing an accident.

2. Get Plenty of Rest you will be more alert and at less risks if you do.

3. Check your vehicle, the weather and road conditions before venturing out.

Virginia’s State Troopers, and other Law enforcement officials ramp up patrols during the holiday season to ensure the safety of Virginia’s drivers. It is not uncommon to see a fairly dramatic increase in traffic accidents and violations at this time of year. Don’t be one of those statistics, ‘Tis the season be merry, but also be safe!