You may think that signing up for a Virginia driver improvement program (DIP) is always required by the court. However, there are voluntary reasons to sign up for the course as well. Below are a few reasons why you might consider taking a driver improvement course.

You Need to Obtain Safe-Driving Points

The Virginia DMV awards you safe-driving points each year that your record is accident-free. Conversely, drivers receive demerit points whenever they receive a traffic violation. If you take a Virginia driver improvement course, you earn five safe driving points. You can take the course every 24 months.

You Need to Have Your License Reinstated

If you’ve had your license suspended, then you may have to take a Virginia driver improvement class in order to get it back. A-1 Driver offers both in-person and online driver education classes that are approved by the Virginia DMV. Once you finish the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can present to the DMV to get your license reinstated.

You Have a Court-Order

If you receive a ticket for speeding, running a stop sign, or another moving violation, you may be ordered to take a Virginia driver improvement class as part of your retribution. Your participation may even help reduce any fees associated with the ticket. 

You Want to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who voluntarily take a driver improvement course. Ask your insurance provider what their stipulations are for awarding discounts to those who successfully complete the course.

A1 Driver offers both in-person and online instruction that meet the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for driver education courses. For more insight on A1 Driver, visit our website.